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ABATE of Nebraska District #2, Lincoln, NE
Lobby Day 2010

For the most current updates click on LB52 updates. Please take the time to read this important information and also take time to spread the word to other motorcyclist to help preserve their rights!

Legislative / Helmet Updates & Calls to Action

LB52  take a look at our bill!

Senators - for/against/maybe's + contact info
P.O. Box 30332, Lincoln, Nebraska, 68503-0332
Lobby Day 2011

For more update got to the state website


Remember the Nebraska Helmet Law is a primary offence and Lincoln Police are beginning to crack down on non DOT helmet use!

Call to Action from ABATE District 2:

Support Mike Hilgers in district 21 

This Saturday we will be helping deliver yard signs, anyone that can help show up at Toast in Fallbrook 10am.

Next Saturday we are also planning to help go door to door meeting at the same location at 9:30 am ... 

Remember Deb Fischer needs our help as well signs can be picked up from 1620N. st.  or you can call 402-310-3347.

Missouri Helmet Update.

May 8, 2012
ABATE for Missouri has the Helmet bill wording in a Conference
Committee. It's on SB719. We need to make some phone calls and have the
Helmet Amendment stay on this bill!!
Riders 21 and up will be able to have the choice of a helmet or no
helmet. It does carry additional medical coverage and is very similar in
how the last 7 states have passed bills.

And for everyone out of state – please call also and remind them that
you are avoiding riding through the state of Missouri due to the current
helmet law and are not spending your tourist dollars in Missouri.

Yes We Want This!!!
Let's work to keep the language intact!!!
Let's all get this to the Governor’s desk.

Senator Mike Kehoe 573-751-2076, SB719 Sponsor

Following are the Representatives assigned to the House side of the
Committee. Please call!!
Rep. Wanda Brown 573-751-3971
Rep. Caleb Jones 573-751-2134
Rep. Don Ruzicka 573-751-4077
Rep. Tim Meadows 573-751-1311
Rep. Tom McDonald 573-751-9851

And call Rep. Delus Johnson - 573-751-3666 - thanking him for the
exceptional job of getting it this far.

Following are the Senators assigned to the Senate side of the Committee.
Please call!! Support the Helmet mod language in SB719.

Senator Mike Kehoe 573-751-2076, SB719 Sponsor,
Senator Eric Schmitt (573) 751-2853,
Senator Jack Goodman (573) 751-2234,
Senator Ryan McKenna (573) 751-1492,
Senator Robin Wright-Jones (573) 751-2606

Abate for Missouri Contact: Legislative Officer, Tony Shepherd Ph