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SHARE THE ROAD is a motorcycle awareness program that promotes driver awareness and increases understanding of how motorcycles behave in traffic.  ABATE of Nebraska, Inc. provides trained volunteers to present this program to the public.  We believe that education and training are the best ways to prevent, and thereby reduce, motorcycle/automobile accidents. 

Research shows that three fourths of crashes involving a motorcycle also involves another motor vehicle, which is usually at fault.  Considering crash statistics and the increasing number of motorcyclists, the key to a safer riding mix is learning to SHARE THE ROAD.

ABATE of Nebraska District #2, Lincoln, NE
Riders Perception Challenge: Test the Limits of your perceptual abilities. Take this fun MSF skills test. It consists of 2 parts. The first is a Road Sign Test followed by a Collision Traps Test. Each test has 10 questions...how did you do?
This 4-minute  video features personal stories surrounding the collision between a car and motorcycle at a typical city intersection.
2011 Riding Season is here! Hows your Group Riding Skills? Yes... there is Etiquette. When riding in a group we must do it in a way that does not endanger anyone or interfere with the flow of traffic. The following, are some general common sense rules followed by motorcyclists touring in a group. These rules are not difficult and each rider must understand that they are responsible for themselves and their passenger. They are responsible for the safe operation of their bike so as to not to endanger themselves, their passenger, or other vehicles on the road. All your driving maneuvers should be thought out, planned in advance, and communicated to the other members in the group. Never take a spontaneous action unless necessary to avoid injury!!
Click Photo above for Group Riding Quick Tips
T-CLOCK Inspection!....Do you know what it is and how to perform it? When was the last time you performed one on your bike?

T-CLOCK is a mnemonic developed by the Motorcycle Safety Foundation for assisting you in doing a comprehensive pre-ride (or a pre-purchase) inspection of a motorcycle. It is easily memorized and very useful. The individual letters stand for the specific areas to check:

    * T — Tires & Wheels
    * C — Controls
    * L — Lights
    * O — Oil
    * C — Chassis
    * K — Kickstand 
Click here...to download your own T-CLOCK Checklist
PSI...motorcycle tire safety tips
Click here
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