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About ABATE Membership 

ABATE of Nebraska is comprised of 12 districts throughout the state, each of which hold monthly meetings and events and have elected officers who also sit on the Board of Directors which meets quarterly and sets the state agenda. 

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How to become a member....
To become a Member, renew your inactive membership, print and fill out the Membership Application then mail the application along with a check or money order to the address located on the application form. For more information about membership in ABATE of Nebraska, Inc. feel free contact any one of our District Membership Secretaries by phone or email.

Why Should I become a member?
  • ABATE of Nebraska is the only state organization representing YOU as a motorcycle rider!
  • We are riders from all walks of life throughout the state, and membership is open to anyone who would like more just treatment for the motorcycle rider.
  • No matter what you ride, touring bike, cruiser, or a sportbike, Honday, Harley, or BMW.....whether you choose to wear a helmet or not, male, female, young or old, we all ride on the same road, in the same wind.
  • We need to unite together to protect the inherent freedom of motorcycling as well as to advocate and work to make the roads a safer place to be.

Through active and involved memberships, we can impact the manner in which legislation is made or deterred in regards to how it affects the motorcylce rider here in Nebraska.  Only with an organized voice throughout the state can we be heard, and hope to significantly improve our well being in regards to safety on the road, as well as to counteract unfair legislation that has a tendency to restrict our rights.

Membership in ABATE of Nebraska includes a monthly newsletter and reduced entry fees at numerous ABATE events.


ABATE of Nebraska District #2, Lincoln, NE
ABATE of Nebraska, Inc.
P.O. Box 22764, Lincoln, Nebraska, 68542
Please mail your membership to the above address.
    P.O. Box 22764, Lincoln, Nebraska, 68542